Form for Bandsaw Machine/Blades

Status of activity :
  New set Up   Expansion
  Up gradation  
Present method of cutting :
  New set Up   Hacksaw
  Shearing   Tilting Type
  Gas Cutting   Vertical Bandsaw
  Double Column Band saw M/c
Allowance for further Operations :
  None   1mm
  3mm   5mm
Shape of raw material to be cut :
  Round   Square
  Rectangle   Structural
  Plates   Sheets
Raw Material Processed from :
  Rolling   Forging
  Casting   Machined
Type of material to be cut  
a. Ferrous :
  Carbon Steel   Alloy Steel
  Tool Steel   Super Alloy
  Stainless Steel   Bright
b. Non-Ferrous :
  Copper   Alluminium
  Brass   Others(Please Specify)
Material Hardness :
  Normalised   Toughened
  Hardness up to 300 BHN
  Hardness above 300 BHN
Size of Raw Material and percentage of total requirement generally batch size in mm
Size (in mm) % Batch Size(In no)
Length of Raw Material to cut in pieces :
  Up to 1 m   Up to 3 m
  Up to 6 m  
Length of cut piece :
  5-25 mm   25-100 mm
  100-300 mm   100-600 mm
Straightness of raw material :
  Generally straight   Bend below 3 in 1000
  Bend below 6 in 1000  
No. of bars to cut together :
  One   Two
  Three   Bundle
Machine Utilization per shift basis :
  2 Hrs   4 Hrs
  Full Shift  
No. of shift running per day :
  One   Two
Bar loading facility on machine :
  EOT Crane   JIB Crane
  Fork Lift   Gantry Crane
Service backup availability :
Yes No
Hydraulic :
Electrical / PLC :
Mechanical :
Permissible taper on face :
Permissible cut length tolerance :
Any other Information :
Name * :
Designation :
Department :
Company * :
Addresses * :
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Phone No. * :
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