HSS Tools


Only a few microns thick, the PVD coating increases surface hardness and, along with the low friction coefficient, prevents built up edge. Also, the feed speed can be improved by about 50% compared to non-coated products, thanks to the high thermal resistance. As a result, cutting time is reduced, the saw needs to be replaced less often, and its life is also lengthened.

    ♦ PVD coated
    ♦ Surface handness : HV 2200 - 2400
    ♦ Oxidizing temperature : 600?
    ♦ Friction coefficient : 0.55
    ♦ Application : Mild steel, Medium hardness steel


This blade is optimal for cutting high-tensile steel material or stainless steel. Thanks to the high thermal resistance and low friction coefficient, high-speed dry cutting is supported.

    ♦ PVD coated
    ♦ Surface handness : HV3300 - 3500
    ♦ Oxidizing temperature : 800?
    ♦ Friction coefficient : 0.60
    ♦ Application : High hardness steel, Stainless steel, titanium steel


The advantages of this PVD coating are coat thickness, high surface hardness, and a low friction coefficient. This saw is optimal for cutting sticky materials where gumming happens easy, such as non-ferrous metals.

    ♦ PVD coated
    ♦ Surface handness : HV2500 - 2900
    ♦ Oxidizing temperature : 700?
    ♦ Friction coefficient : 0.30
    ♦ Application:Nonferrous metal such as Cast iron, Aluminum and Copper


The entire blade is steam treated and has a black oxide (Fe3 O4) coating w?th oil-bearing properties. Use it for ordinary material cutting, except for non-ferrous metals.

    ♦ Surface handness : HV900
    ♦ Friction coefficient : 0.65
    ♦ Application:Common steel excerpt nonferrous metal


This blade has no surface treatment and is mainly used for cutting non-ferrous metals.

    ♦ Surface handness : HV750 - 850
    ♦ Application:Nonferrous metal such as Aluminum and Copper